Meet directly one-on-one over several weeks or months with a coach trained to create ideal conditions for greater clarity, mastery and excellence as you identify and pursue the goals important to you. Through variations on the pattern of observe-reflect-experiment, you and your coach will co-create a plan that builds on your existing strengths, uncovers hidden opportunities and strengthens your sense of accomplishment and alignment with your professional development.

Take your entire group to the next level by engaging coaches to support team development, a dynamic experience of discovery, experimentation and new possibilities. In team coaching, coaches monitor key team discussions at the leader's invitation and intervene to generate instant awareness of the choices available to the leader and the group. Team coaching is a unique experience, designed to boost unit functioning and individual contributions simultaneously.


Experience widely used assessment instruments – such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator®, Benchmarks®, DiSC®, or Conflict Dynamics Profile® – that provide you with critical insight and awareness as you confront your greatest challenges. Most powerful when integrated into one-on-one coaching, team coaching, career coaching, off-site facilitation, or training, assessments generate fresh starting points for thinking about performance, style, approach and team diversity. West Coaching Network can work with you to identify the instruments that best fit your circumstances and goals.


Reach your long-term organizational goals with a maximum of impact and minimum of distraction by working with coach-consultants who have led complex, systemic change efforts and understand not only the nuts-and-bolts of planning, but also how to engage your team as collaborators in your vision.

Whether you are looking to inject fresh perspective quickly into a change process already underway, or you are seeking experienced support for a longer-term, more complex effort, West Coaching Network can connect you with the expertise and tailored attention that will deliver the results you are counting on.

West Coaching Network is here to offer leadership strategy to your non-profit, corporate, government or private organization.

Conflict Resolution

Understand, prevent, and mitigate conflict in the workplace by increasing your conflict competence with help from West Coaching Network. Conflict can severely hinder effective communication, causing damage to personal and professional relationships, and jeopardizing positive growth and hard-won achievements.

As part of a coaching plan, workshop, training curriculum, or facilitated offsite, our specially trained coaches can help you build the skills to adopt a mindful and self-aware approach that better enables consideration of alternative perspectives involved in negotiations, thus facilitating more desirable outcomes and resolution of conflict.


Engage an experienced facilitator for your on-site or off-site meetings so that your entire staff can contribute without restriction to the success of the group. Even though your organizational staff may include people skilled at running meetings, they cannot participate fully in the decision-making while they are focused on guiding the event to success.

West Coaching Network facilitators keep discussions focused, on track and on time while avoiding the distractions inherent in your team members' familiarity with the organizational context and politics. The bottom line is that excellent facilitators make it easier for others to produce outstanding results.


Partner with West Coaching Network to design and implement customized training and developmental experiences that strengthen your team and improve shared results. Our coach-instructors have years of experience presenting, teaching and designing blended instructional-experiential programs that develop individual leadership and boost performance for managers and employees at all levels.

We can design and deliver customized workshops or longer-term programs for the leadership skills and behaviors you are most interested in reinforcing. Some of the topics for our past work are listed below:

  • Developing a Culture of Accountability
  • Negotiation Skills for Women
  • Building Trust within Organizations
  • Communicating Deliberately: Requests, Offers, and Declarations
  • Leading People with Differences
  • Course design and instruction for week-long residential program emphasizing the fundamentals of leadership and teambuilding, for employees contemplating first-line supervisory management roles
  • Program design for 5-month blended classroom-workplace-coaching experience challenging mid-career employees to stretch toward senior-level mind-sets
  • MBTI and other assessment-based Teambuilding


Investigate your talents and explore your options with the assistance of a career coach from West Coaching Network. When you are looking for more than just a job and you hold unanswered questions about your future career or vocational calling, career coaching can get your journey started by identifying your own highest priorities as guiding stars on your course.

Only you can define "career satisfaction," and only you can choose whether that takes the form of modifying the position you currently hold, moving within an organization, finding a new organization in your field or making a more radical career or life shift. Our coaches can interpret assessment instruments such as MBTI®, CareerLeader®, or StrengthsFinder® to further encourage you to align your choices with your strengths or passions.

As you are getting underway, your coach helps you create a plan and provides ongoing support as you encounter the challenges that accompany every significant transition.

For a comprehensive summary of our serivces, click to download our PDF.

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