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Nathalie Thoumyre


As a leadership coach, Nathalie Thoumyre supports leaders and their teams in achieving the best sustainable performance in their global environment. With an acute sense for what needs to be questioned, Nathalie has facilitated numerous initiatives to bring about change, explore innovative paths and enhance team functioning. She is adept at using appreciative inquiry as a starter for change, as a tool to initiate resiliency and to facilitate teamwork.


In her 15+ year career, she has gained significant experience in international change-management projects. Among them, she has participated on the team introducing Revenue Management to Air France. In Japan, she worked closely with Japanese sales teams for several years to support the initiation of an integrated management system combining Japanese and Western practices. In Europe, Nathalie has also consulted for airline companies like Air Europa.

With an eclectic education and career history, Nathalie can adapt to the environment and tools her clients are comfortable with. She has also her own set of tools ready to challenge her clients to further develop including customized 360s, team functioning diagnostics or DISC behavioral assessment. She accompanies executives through professional transitions, either in positions, countries, or companies. She helps them to find the way to regain authenticity and efficiency in an environment that they initially viewed in conflict with their sense of performance.

She coaches leaders to ensure the performance of their multicultural teams to help the organization leveraging cultural differences. She develops and facilitates leadership training programs especially oriented at developing coaching skills for managers (senior level as well as young professionals).

Nathalie has worked successfully with clients from many nationalities, including French, American, British, Dutch, Canadian, and Japanese, as well as from different industries, such as law, business and education. She coaches leaders in NGOs, International Organizations and Private held Companies.

Nathalie has lived and worked in various countries including France, United States, Japan, Great Britain, and Netherlands. She holds an undergraduate degree in Science, a French renowned degree in International Affairs, "Sciences Po Paris" and an MBA from the Katz School, Pittsburgh, PA in addition to her certification in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University. She can conduct coaching, consultancy and facilitation in English or French.