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what clients say about us

The coaching reinforced my belief that by setting out goals/objectives and then getting specific about the steps toward achieving them, I become more energized and effective. I found that I could release an old pattern of setting myself up by overpromising and instead be much more diligent and even bold up front in saying what I will do, in determining how to do it and getting the necessary leeway, and in celebrating what I've accomplished – rather than resorting to self-reproach for not having somehow accomplished more.


I can honestly say that these coaching sessions were life changing for me. I made significant progress to confronting and addressing several areas that I have always considered to be unsolvable issues for me, including self-confidence, influencing others, and being a successful leader. And I feel confident that I have the tools and mindset to continue to work on these issues. When I start to feel stressed out about something or feel myself 'spinning', I will remember to take deep breaths, pause, and consider my intent.

The best part of my coaching experience was learning techniques and approaches to solving issues that I can apply to just about any issue I should face in the future.

I appreciated the safe and supportive space that coaching provided and being able to talk candidly about organizational, staff and Board issues in a confidential space. Coaching was instrumental in helping me push out of my leadership comfort zone.

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